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Studies show Three Dimensional Pilates breath, and the Prenatal and Postnatal Breathing Techniques Carolyn teaches through The Seamless Method, activate your transverse abdominis, your deepest abdominal muscle that wraps around your torso like seran wrap. Your transverse abdominis is your deepest abdominal muscle and otherwise known as your “Powerhouse” in the Pilates tradition. It’s through isometric contractions of this and other abdominal muscles (recuts abdominis and obliques) that help you maintain your strength during pregnancy and rebuild abdominal strength in postpartum.Our exercises and curriculum done through The Seamless Method will help you regain resilience and elasticity of your abdominal wall, and help prevent and correct diastasis recti, hence our name The Seamless Method! We help you close the gap and leave no loose seams behind if you faithfully follow our curriculum and eat a sensible diet.

Studies reveal that exercise during pregnancy promotes physical wellness for both mother and baby, and may prevent excessive pregnancy weight gain. Exercise may also reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, proclampsia, and cesarean births. Finally studies reveal mothers with strong abdominal walls and pelvic floors have an easier time pushing their babies out, push for shorter periods of time, and they receive less episiotomies. Most of these things are common knowledge and make good sense, but please check with your doctor before beginning or any exercise program.

Our program takes health and wellness one step further by incorporating relaxation and visualization during and after Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga classes. Yoga is good for training the mind and body to relax and breathe deeply during pain whether it is encountered with mild discomfort of Braxton Hicks contractions, riding the flow of labor and birth, listening to your body and knowing when to surrender- stage 1- and when to work- stage 2, or during postpartum and the healing aspect of birth. It is said yoga shortens the duration of labor, decreases pain, and reduces the need for conventional anesthesia. One of our first clients, Melissa Fernanadez-Evans, will attest to that in her testimonial, read it, it’s inspiring!!!

With just a few minutes everyday, through The Seamless Method of Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise , you can learn to support your baby and protect your back during pregnancy, and train for a faster and easier labor! We view your practice like a training for a marathon… even the shortest labors are 3-4 hours long! You’ll need your strength and endurance for childbirth, so start training The Seamless Method!

In just 15-20 minutes a day you will be able to see and feel a measurable difference in your body.

A new mom will feel a difference in her body the very next day. She will see a difference in her body, 6-8 weeks of regular practice two to three times a week, working with a sensible diet. A new and disciplined mother with have a different body six months after beginning her practice, and very often ends up stronger than she was pre-pregnancy. This is mom’s gift to herself and her new family: a strong and healthy and happy mom benefits the whole family, practice The Seamless Method.


The Seamless Method offers core and pelvic stabilization exercises to strengthen lower abdomen, back, and the muscles in and around the hip joint. This not only helps to stabilize your core center and pelvis during class, but you feel straighter, stronger and more aligned after each class, no matter if you are doing core and pelvic stabilization exercises, or yoga.

Our philosophy and method is strengthened through our empirically tested classes! Our clients who stick with our program and eat a sensible diet 80% of the time see, first hand, amazing results in their bodies! Our clients who follow our program exclusively and know how to use their body, do not get diastasis recti. On the contrary, seven to eight out of ten mothers who come to us in postpartum have diastasis recti, a separation of the abdominal wall due to a formerly stressed and weakened core during pregnancy, i.e mother was not properly guided how to use her core during exercise and everyday activities during pregnancy or 6-7 weeks postpartum… you can also get diastasis recti within the first 6 weeks of giving birth because your core muscles are weak and stretched out. It’s ideal to start with a sensible regime when you are cleared by your doctor. Our method and the tools we offer you help to prevent and correct diastasis recti without surgery whether you get it in pregnancy or postpartum. One mother to came to us after birthing her twins. She had diastasis recti -a four finger separation- she was told that could only be corrected through surgery. We brought her back to less than one finger separation within 18 months. She’s still training with us and her children are pushing four years old!

Another mother who came to us in postpartum experienced severe pain during her prenatal Pilates practice in a studio under the supervision of a teacher who was not able to help or guide her. She came to The Seamless Method after the birth of her baby. She had diastasis along the entire lower and mid abdomen. Fortunately we helped her get back on track, and the good news is everything is fixable!

There’s an old saying, “the proof is in the pudding” which is to say your first hand, empirical observation will reveal to you how effective our method is. We believe our method is the best method out there to date for training and retraining core muscles during pregnancy and postpartum, but don’t take our word for it, try our free 3 day trail and see for yourself!

Our classes promote a healthy pregnancy and birth and recovery. Our mother’s labor and push for shorter periods of time, and recover more quickly than the average first time mother. ACOG may have some nice studies to look at, read about exercise in pregnancy and postpartum on ACOG’s site for more information about keeping you and your baby healthy.


Take the first step to being a Fit, Healthy & Happy Mom!


“Carolyn has been my Vinyasa yoga instructor for the last 3 years. That alone says a lot. I always look forward to practicing with Carolyn. Her sessions continue to challenge and rejuvenated me, helping my overall flexibility and strength. Carolyn is extremely knowledgeable in a variety of areas of yoga and is such a great inspiration and motivator, plus she genuinely cares about your well being. Her enthusiasm alone is infectious. Carolyn also recently taught me pre-natal yoga when I was expecting my first child. Carolyn not only got me through a very uncomfortable and nervous time, but inspired me to go all natural. Using Carolyn’s pre-natal techniques I was able to help speed up my labor and delivery, which proudly lasted under 3 hours. I also was able to endure a no-drug delivery. My recovery too was fast and easy. I like to think Carolyn preps moms-to-be to become Warrior Moms! I felt like one! Prenatal yoga helped me physically by staying fit, and mentally by prepping me for a healthy over-all pregnancy, speedy labor and delivery and quick recovery.”

Melissa Fernandez Evans , Mother and Trainer

“The Seamless Method online subscription for pre and post natal exercise has literally been my lifeline for the last 2 months of my first trimester.  During a time when I was suffering from intense nausea and fatigue, believe it or not, exercising was one of three activities (sleeping and eating being the other two) that actually relieved my discomfort during the time I was exercising and for several hours afterward.  While I was pretty unmotivated to do much of anything, taking online exercises classes, led by Master pre and post-natal exercise specialist Carolyn McPherson, not only made me feel better physically, but helped me channel more positivity during what felt like a slightly isolating time.    I thoroughly appreciate the wide range of options including shorter more targeted classes, for example, Prenatal Pilates core fusion, to the longer pre-natal yoga classes.  I already feel more physically and emotionally equipped for childbirth as Carolyn guides you through exercises that specifically and safely prepare your mind and body for labor.  My body feels stronger and I am definitely more sound of mind.  I look forward to continuing my subscription throughout the duration of my pregnancy and after I deliver to get my body back in shape!”

Jen Katz Burke, Educator

“I started taking Carolyn’s post-natal barre classes when my younger daughter was 6 weeks old. The training really helped me regain my strength and mobility. Carolyn’s classes provide a safe environment to begin exercising again after giving birth. I highly value her noticing my diastasis-recti right away, and giving me excellent advice on how to work on it at home. As my baby has grown, I started taking regular barre classes with Carolyn, and I continue to value the attention she gives to each student. I am energized after her classes. I feel like I have learned something new and pushed myself to the edge each time…. I only wish I had been to Carolyn’s pre-natal classes as well!”