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Welcome to the Seamless Method, and congratulations on taking your first step to be a fit, healthy and happy mom! 

It’s important to keep your prenatal and postnatal body active and strong, especially when there is little person dependant on you. Your baby weight will grow from few ounces in utero to around 20 lbs out of the womb, before his or her first birthday, so it behooves you to stay strong and fit at every stage of pregnancy and postpartum. The Seamless Method offers Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Barre and Pilates Classes, Diastasis Recti prevention and correction exercises, as well as guided relaxation-meditation. Our classes are safe, fun, effective, and we help you close the gap: hence The Seamless Method. For best results do something everyday, even if it’s 10 minutes of breathing.

You’ll find we honor the mental and emotional aspect of wellness as much as the physical. Conscious Relaxation is another part of being a healthy, fit new or expectant mom. Cheers.


We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.

“Participating in the Seamless Method with Carolyn while I was pregnant with my first child helped me feel even more in touch with the life I was growing inside me… and helped keep me remain strong, flexible and as comfortable as possible during pregnancy!”

Clare Kantor Banos, Mother and Entrepreneur

“Carolyn is a passionate, knowledgeable, attentive and dedicated teacher. She cares for each student and it shows by the close attention she pays to the growth and progress of everyone in class. You could go to one of her large group classes and still get the one-on-one attention for your level and needs. Her enthusiasm and dedication to her students is evident in every class!”

Sara O'Brien, Educator

“I began taking prenatal yoga classes 8 weeks into my pregnancy. I was immediately drawn to Carolyn’s inclusive personality, her vast knowledge in yoga and the birthing process. Not only were her classes a great workout, but I found them to be extremely meditative, educational, and a great practice for my mind and body to prepare for labor.

My husband and I took a childbirth class with Carolyn, and she thoroughly covered the best parts of various birthing methods, schools of thought. She helped us find a system that we were most comfortable with. She taught me many types of pain coping-breathing exercises and taught my husband counter pressure techniques to help ease my pain during labor. I am so grateful to have met Carolyn when I did. I had an absolutely beautiful birthing experience and I owe much of the strength and confidence I felt to her.”

Ani Ardzivian, Designer
We value the whole Mind-Body System

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Fit, Healthy & Happy Mom!

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