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Carolyn McPherson

Your Teacher and Trainer

Hello! My name is Carolyn McPherson and I’m a prenatal and postnatal specialist, trained in Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga, Pilates and self-trained in Classic Barre Technique.

I own and operate a boutique yoga-barre studio near NYC called Pranavah Yoga Studio. It was there I developed The Seamless Method for Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise, and a barre training program called Classic Barre Technique. Our studio has hosted several childbirth education courses like The Bradley Method, Hypnobirthing -courses which I audited. I’m trained as a Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator, and find value in all the childbirth education. As a result of my study and practice, I have a thorough understanding of the prenatal and postnatal physiology. And it’s my intention to help you prevent or correct diastasis recti and navigate fun, safe, and effective prenatal-postnatal workouts from the comfort of your home! Hope you enjoy our classes, learn a lot, and reap the benefits of a strong, fit, balanced body and mind!

For our yoga classes you’ll need two blocks, a blanket, bolster, strap, and yoga mat. For barre and pilates, you’ll need a mat, chair or portable barre, 10-12 playground ball and 2-3 lbs hand weights.
With gratitude, your teacher and trainer,

The Tenants of The Seamless Method

The Seamless Method will help you develop holistically as a new and expectant mother in the following ways:

  • Support your baby and support your back through our prenatal and postpartum exercises
  • Help Prevent and or Correct Diastasis Recti
  • Sculpt your Body in a variety of Safe, Fun and Effective Classes of Yoga, Barre and Pilates
  • Provide you with much needed Relaxation and Guided Meditation


Always smiling while serving!

“Carolyn got me through my pregnancy. Her prenatal yoga classes kept me in shape and taught me many things about my pregnant body. I really had a tough pregnancy and she provided a relaxing atmosphere in which to work and talk to other women in the same boat. Now that my baby is here she is helping me get my pre-pregnancy body back with mommy core classes. She checks in with me outside of class to see how I’m doing and gears any class to help all of us with anything we may want and need. She is truly an excellent teacher and a great person.”

“I was fortunate enough to be able to take prenatal yoga and barre classes with Carolyn at Pranavah Yoga my entire pregnancy. I feel that taking prenatal classes allowed me to maintain my fitness level and gave me the strength and confidence to endure a challenging child birth. Most importantly, the kind and experienced instructors at Pranavah make moms feel comfortable and genuinely supported throughout each class session. After my baby’s birth I went to Carolyn’s Mama Core Barre class, she checked me for diastasis and I’m thrilled to say I don’t have DR! If you’re looking for fun, challenging, save and supportive class during pregnancy, look no further than The Seamless Method.”

“Participating in the Seamless Method with Carolyn while I was pregnant with my first child helped me feel even more in touch with the life I was growing inside me, and helped keep me strong, flexible and as comfortable as possible!”

We value the whole Mind-Body System

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