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There is an old saying “when mom is happy, the whole family is happy!” We at The Seamless Method are here to help you as new and expectant mothers to find your bliss in terms of health, wellness and fitness! We have a large variety of classes, times and ranges of styles to help you work, strengthen and lengthen any part of your body, while relaxing the pressures of the mind. Our tested classes are fun, challenging, safe and effective, and will help you to prevent or correct Diastasis Recti.

You have a choice of easy flow classes with special attention to back, neck and shoulders, connecting to your body, connecting to your baby, to core strengthening. We help you to work a little bit harder and smarter! Our intention is to challenge you and meet you where you are on any given day. How you exercise or flow depends on how well rested you are and at what level of fitness, stage of pregnancy or recovery you are in. Every stage of pregnancy is different, and different for each expectant mother. Everyday is new, exciting, and unpredictable with a new baby. We have something here for everyone, so check out our new client special and test a few classes for free! We believe you’ll be happy you did!

Thank you & namaste!


We value you as a new and expectant mother, and we value happy and healthy families. We know every mom is the nucleus of the family, Nature designed it that way! We’re here to support you through fitness, yoga and guided meditation to help you live the best possible version of yourself, your highest self, and in that way your family is living the best version of itself. We’re here to support and build communities one family at a time through fitness, health and well being. Hari Om Tat Sat


In 2016 The Seamless Method was born of a dream. Carolyn McPherson, founder of Pranavah Yoga Studio in Long Island City-New York City, dreamt of bringing prenatal and postnatal exercise and childbirth education to as many women as she could. New and expectant mothers always loved her classes in studio and asked for more, but in this modern world it can be very difficult to align multiple schedules, so Carolyn saw an opportunity for growth and to meet her client’s needs. She would bring Prenatal Yoga, Barre, Pilates and Childbirth Education to an online platform so her clients and others could safely practice from the convenience of their own home, according to their own schedule for an affordable price. It sounded like a win win situation, so Carolyn quickly got a group of women together and The Seamless Method was born! Anyone who had a hand in the development of our new company, from consultants, to developers, filmmakers, sound people, choreographers, and so on, are women. This company was developed and built by women, for women and their families. We hope you’re as happy as our ecstatic clients, cheers!

About Me

The Trainer & Teacher

Carolyn McPherson
Carolyn McPhersonThe Trainer & Teacher
Hello! My name is Carolyn McPherson and I’m a prenatal and postnatal specialist, trained in prenatal and postnatal yoga, pilates and self-trained in barre.


Always smiling while serving!

“I began using The Seamless Method’s online classes about 7 weeks post-partum. As a first time mom, I appreciated not only the workouts but the tips and breathing exercises that Carolyn offers on the site to help heal and reinvigorate my body after baby.  The Seamless Method has been an excellent tool to ease myself back into a fitness routine safely and effectively and gives me the flexibility to fit a workout into my ever-changing schedule while still having the convenience of being home with my little one.”
Tawny, Mother

“Carolyn is a passionate, knowledgeable, attentive and dedicated teacher. She cares for each student and it shows by the close attention she pays to the growth and progress of everyone in class. You could go to one of her large group classes and still get the one-on-one attention for your level and needs. Her enthusiasm and dedication to her students is evident in every class!”

“I was fortunate enough to be able to take prenatal yoga and barre classes with Carolyn at Pranavah Yoga my entire pregnancy. I feel that taking prenatal classes allowed me to maintain my fitness level and gave me the strength and confidence to endure a challenging child birth. Most importantly, the kind and experienced instructors at Pranavah make moms feel comfortable and genuinely supported throughout each class session. After my baby’s birth I went to Carolyn’s Mama Core Barre class, she checked me for diastasis and I’m thrilled to say I don’t have DR! If you’re looking for fun, challenging, save and supportive class during pregnancy, look no further than The Seamless Method.”

Elena Viglianco, Mother and Set Designer
We value the whole Mind-Body System

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