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Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Barre and Pilates Classes,
Diastasis Recti prevention and correction exercises

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Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement
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Diastasis Recti Prevention and Correction

Diastasis Recti Prevention
and Correction

Meditation and Relaxation

Meditation and Relaxation

Welcome to The Seamless Method

We offer Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Barre and Pilates Classes, Diastasis Recti prevention and correction exercises, as well as guided relaxation and meditation.

Our Classes are
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We help you close the gap, the diastasis recti gap, that’s why our methods called The Seamless Method! It’s important to know how to move and use your prenatal and postnatal body so that you can remain strong, healthy and balanced. Our method helps to prevent or correct diastasis recti, and safely helps you lose your “mummy tummy” postpartum, it’s Seamless!

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Spend anywhere from 5-50 Minutes a Day

It’s important to keep your prenatal and postnatal body active and strong, especially when there is little person dependant on you. Your baby weight will grow from few ounces in utero to around 20 lbs out of the womb, before his or her first birthday, so it behooves you to stay strong and fit at every stage of pregnancy and postpartum.

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Keep your Prenatal Postantal
body active

We help you close the fitness gaps and meet your goals! We offer a variety of classes that safely train and challenge you at every stage of recovery, and there’s a relaxing yoga class when you’re sleep deprived! Our method foments a balanced body and balanced mind, it’s Seamless!

How it Works
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Read our testimonials! We are committed to upholding our classes to the highest industry standards so that you’ll develop the safest and most effective prenatal and postnatal workout for yourself and your baby!

“Carolyn has been my Vinyasa yoga instructor for the last 3 years. That alone says a lot. I always look forward to practicing with Carolyn. Her sessions continue to challenge and rejuvenated me, helping my overall flexibility and strength. Carolyn is extremely knowledgeable in a variety of areas of yoga and is such a great inspiration and motivator, plus she genuinely cares about your well being. Her enthusiasm alone is infectious. Carolyn also recently taught me pre-natal yoga when I was expecting my first child. Carolyn not only got me through a very uncomfortable and nervous time, but inspired me to go all natural. Using Carolyn’s pre-natal techniques I was able to help speed up my labor and delivery, which proudly lasted under 3 hours. I also was able to endure a no-drug delivery. My recovery too was fast and easy. I like to think Carolyn preps moms-to-be to become Warrior Moms! I felt like one! Prenatal yoga helped me physically by staying fit, and mentally by prepping me for a healthy over-all pregnancy, speedy labor and delivery and quick recovery. Once i get my doctor’s clearance, I look forward to getting back to Carolyn’s Vinyasa yoga and mommy and baby classes in the coming weeks. I miss it terribly!”

Melissa Fernandez Evans, Mom, Nutrition Consultant and Trainer

“The Seamless Method online subscription for pre and post natal exercise has literally been my lifeline for the last 2 months of my first trimester.  During a time when I was suffering from intense nausea and fatigue, believe it or not, exercising was one of three activities (sleeping and eating being the other two) that actually relieved my discomfort during the time I was exercising and for several hours afterward.  While I was pretty unmotivated to do much of anything, taking online exercises classes, led by Master pre and post-natal exercise specialist Carolyn McPherson, not only made me feel better physically, but helped me channel more positivity during what felt like a slightly isolating time.    I thoroughly appreciate the wide range of options including shorter more targeted classes, for example, Prenatal Pilates core fusion, to the longer pre-natal yoga classes.  I already feel more physically and emotionally equipped for childbirth as Carolyn guides you through exercises that specifically and safely prepare your mind and body for labor.  My body feels stronger and I am definitely more sound of mind.  I look forward to continuing my subscription throughout the duration of my pregnancy and after I deliver to get my body back in shape!”

Jen Katz Burke, Educator

“I started taking Carolyn’s post-natal barre classes when my younger daughter was 6 weeks old. The training really helped me regain my strength and mobility. Carolyn’s classes provide a safe environment to begin exercising again after giving birth. I highly value her noticing my diastasis-recti right away, and giving me excellent advice on how to work on it at home. As my baby has grown, I started taking regular barre classes with Carolyn, and I continue to value the attention she gives to each student. I am energized after her classes. I feel like I have learned something new and pushed myself to the edge each time…. I only wish I had been to Carolyn’s pre-natal classes as well!”

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